June 30th to August 2nd, 2019

The website moved to www.kodamidwest.org

The KODA Midwest camp is located at the Mackenzie Center in Poynette, Wisconsin.


The KODA camp starts on June 30 and ends on August 2, 2019. 

  • Each camp session is limited to 60 campers (30 girls, 30 boys).

This is a two week camp session and it costs: $900 per child. There is a discount for each sibling and it is $850 per child.

  • TEEN SESSION: June 30th to July 12th: Age 14 to 16
  • YOUTH SESSION: July 14th to July 26th: Age 10 to 13 

This is a one week camp session  and it costs $400 and there are no discounts for sibling(s).

  • KIDS SESSION: July 28th to August 2nd: Age 7 to 10.

If you need more information, or details please contact :

Karen Dishno

608-234-5049 or koda.karen@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “June 30th to August 2nd, 2019

  1. I’m single mother&deaf, have 3 little kids and daughter 15 yrs have odd&added, daughter 13 half yrs and son 11 yrs. they basic sign language


  2. Can you please email me information and application as soon you have 2018 set for next summer? I am wanting to send my boys (10 and 14) to camp but need to prepare money wise for it as I am a single mom. Thanks!


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