Why is KODA Camp so important!?

The cost of camp IS expensive ($900 for the first child, $850 for each subsequent child). I agree with you! I have five KODAs and when I sent my first one to KODA Camp in South Dakota, she came home with such a positive attitude about having a deaf parent, deaf culture, and a new appreciation for ASL. I thought to myself, “All kids should go!” Parents wonder why it is important for a KODA to go to camp.

1) To learn Deaf Culture

2) To understand the  ASL linguistics

3) To  participate in KODAtalk (a discussion where KODAs share their life experiences with deaf parents.)

4) To promote the feeling of belonging and continue involvement with the deaf community once the child leaves their parents’ nests as well as to be aware of the network in this big wide world

You may want to check this page and click on the kids’ videos to find what the kids had to say about why they love camp so much!

There are many details that are important to know! Please browse through all the pages to familiarize yourself with our camp procedures and protocols.

Please do contact me. I am happy to help out! My number is 608-234-5049.

I am the camp director and it will be my tenth summer! With a wonderful group of counselors at the helm, we want to make this camp very enjoyable for your children and always look for ways to make the camp better every summer. Parents are very valuable to us when it comes to ideas on fundraising, advertising and other activities. We thank you!  Karen Dishno


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