About our Camp Director

  Karen Dishno is an extremely dedicated director and mother. She has five daughters (all who have attended KODA camp) and is devoted to continually improving KODA camp to be the best of its program.

Karen decided to establish the KODA Camp- MidWest in 2008, after limited communication in three years of KODA camp in South Dakota. After having one daughter attending camp in South Dakota for two years, she felt that communication with parents was imperative. This year will the the tneth year the KODA camp has run successfully in Wisconsin.

As a director, Karen supervises the staff, ensures that the camp runs smoothly, communicates with the parents, takes pictures to document the amazing time that campers have, works and coordinates with the Mackenzie staff, and works with a business manager to maintain financial information and food for the camp.

Mail the payments to KODA Camp, N3839 State Road 22, Rio WI  53960.

In Karen’s spare time she likes to garden, interpret, and research her family’s genealogy. She is deaf and from a deaf family herself.

An interesting fact about Karen is that she has created a family generational book reaching 15 generations back.


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