money_bag.pngWhy is a $200 deposit required by March 15th to secure a spot at camp?

Wisconsin law states that there must be 1 counselor to every 7 kids  – This camp is 1 counselor to 6 kids. 

  • We need to figure out how many campers will attend so that we can make sure we hire enough counselors to meet the counselor to camper ratio.
  • The deposit fee is NONREFUNDABLE!

sunWhat is the weather like in Wisconsin during the months of June/July?!

HOT !!! – The weather here can fluctuate between 60-90 degrees!

  • Be sure to pack long pants, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, as well as shorts, short sleeved t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Make sure to bring a swimsuit or two. There are TONS of mosquitoes and sun, so bring a can of bug spray and sun block!

no_mobile_devices.pngCan my child bring their cell phone?


  • If your child needs to contact you in case of an emergency, or you need to contact them, the children can ask for a phone call or you can contact Karen and a phone call can be arranged.
  • This policy was revisited recently and we decided that it is still banned.
  • The kids LOVE getting mail from home and this tradition needs to be continued.

two_smartphones.pngCan I call my child while they’re at camp?

For the most part, your child will be too busy to make or receive phone calls.

  • Karen, the director,  will send emails to parents  with updates as much as she can.
  • Each day the kids will have some downtime to write letters home.
  • Be sure to write at least one letter to your child during camp! Your child LOVES receiving mail, and packages while they’re at camp.

mailbox_with_letter.pngThe address to send a letter, or a care package to your child is:message_group.png

  • MacKenzie Center Lodge/KODA Camp
  • camper name
  • W7303 County Highway CS
  • Poynette,Wisconsin  53955.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not forget to add your child(s) name on the envelope/package so we know who it belongs to!
  • Parents are welcome to email Karen, the camp director,  at Koda.Karen@gmail.com, or VP at 608-234-5049 to check on the well being of their children.

airplane_mode_on.pngIf I want to fly my child to camp, where is the nearest airport?

Madison is the closest, about 20 minutes away. Milwaukee is 1.5  hours away.  

  • It is ideal to have your kid to land between 10 am and 2 pm on the first day of the camp.
  • On the last day, the time to fly out should be after 12 noon to give us time to bring the kids back to the airport.
  • An email will be sent to the parents confirming the pickup, and drop-off of their child.

route.pngWhere is the MacKenzie Center located?

The center is exactly EAST of Poynette, WI on County CS. 

  • Highway 51 runs through Poynette.  Highway 22 runs from Highway 51 to Wyocena.  County CS is intersected between both Hwy 51 and 22 and the MacKenzie Center is right in the middle. The address is: MacKenzie Environmental Education Center, W7303 Cty CS, Poynette, WI.  The best thing to do is to look at a paper map, or use GoogleMaps. When you use GoogleMaps type inMacKenzie Center, Poynette” and it should give you the correct information.

log_cabin.pngWhere do the kids sleep?

They will sleep in a cabin.

  • There are 4 cabins ; Each cabin has 15 beds.
  • There are 2 cabins set up for the boys, and the other 2 cabins are set up for the girls.
  • Each camper needs to bring their own pillow, and sleeping bag.

 money_bagHow much cash should my child bring?

$40-$50 is a great estimate of how much your child should bring to camp. 

  • It is up to individual families to decide how much money their child would need during their camp session.
  • On Registration Day, each camper’s money will be collected by the office manager for safekeeping.
  • Each day the kids can withdraw spending money. We prefer that parents bring the cash in increments of 10’s, 5’s, and 1’s.
  • On days that we have outings, such as Mount Olympus or Noah’s Ark, the kids might want to spend their money on food, drinks, souvenirs, and more.

  swimming.pngMt. Olympus & Noah’s Ark is HUGE!!!! How will you keep my child safe? roller_coaster.png

Yes! Mt. Olympus & Noah’s Ark is HUGE! HOWEVER……..

  • We make sure that one counselor is responsible for 6 kids during the whole day so nobody wanders off by themselves.
  • We make sure that the counselors, and staff do a headcount at certain times throughout the day to ensure that the campers are safe.

suitcase.pngWhat should my child pack for camp?

PLEASE pack enough clothes for 2 weeks.

  • If necessary, clothes can be washed halfway through camp.
  • One mesh laundry bag is preferable for laundry days.
  • Each child should bring their own shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, body soap, shaving cream, brush, hairspray, personal items, a flashlight, and camera (either digital or disposable). Those items are a MUST!
  • For a more detailed list of what to bring please see the Kid’s Page.

doctors_bag.pngIs there medical staff on site?

Yes! The law requires that a staff with CPR and First Aid Certification be on site 24/7.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to list any medical conditions that the campers may have so that we can be prepared to help them at all times.

paint_palette.pngWhat kinds of activities can be done on the campground?campfire

All kinds!

  • We have a softball field, basketball hoop, a big field to play football on, and a volleyball court on site.
  • We do team building activities, we do archery, we watch movies,  we play Kodaball, go on hikes, we do arts & crafts, and play indoor games.
  • We have campfires every night (depending on the weather).

day_view.png What is the schedule like for the 2 weeks of camp?log_cabin

  • The first day of camp is Registration Day beginning at 1pm. The campers will start with a team building activity that day.
  • On specific days they will go to a theme/water park, a swimming pool or lake, & possibly do other outings. On other days the kids will do team building, arts & crafts, and PE.
  • Each day there are one hour long activities: three in the morning and three in the afternoon.
  • On the last day of camp the campers should be completely off the campground by NOON.
  • Be prepared for the kids to drag their feet on the last day of camp!!!!  It might take up to 2 hours to get your child completely packed and in the car!

deciduous_treeWhat is Parent’s Night?sun

Parent’s Night happens on the last night of camp!

  • All parents should try to come if possible.
  • Plan to arrive around 5pm to catch up with your kids and enjoy. There will be cake, and refreshments.
  • After social hour, and a performance the campers will go to the campfire area. Parents are NOT allowed to follow! Instead parents will get together to talk about anything!
  • Parents ARE NOT allowed to stay overnight at the cabins.
  • There is a hotel that is in Lodi, Wi. (about nine miles away)  that many parents prefer to sleep at. –  Quality Inn & Suites. BOOK EARLY!!!!!! .  You can also check out hotels in Portage, WI. however it is approximately a 15 to 25 minute drive from the KODA camp depending on the traffic. 
  • If you’d like to camp on the Dishno Acres, let Karen know! You’re welcome to bring a tent, pop-up camper, or you can sleep in your vehicle.



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