Writing a donation/sponsor letter


$900 per child, $850 per sibling

Well! That’s the cost to run a camp per child.  Many other day camps have already established many years of fundraising and have many backings. My job is to find any backing that would contribute to the camp every year.

So what should you do?  Write letters to any organizations, work places, church places or even your relatives and your relatives’ contacts. One KODA camper was able to raise funds from reaching out to her relatives.  Another KODA camper was able to raise funds from reaching out to a church group. There are plenty of possibilities but you must do it yourself.  Actually a KODA should do it.  For example: $10.00 x 85 contacts bring in $850 easily!

Based on my observation the Lions Club has been very generous in sending the kids to  camp.  It has been very successful for the last few years.  Early winter is a good time to ask!  Churches have been known to give money to KODA’s as well as employer work places depending on which companies allow this type of donation.

Need a sample letter? Sure, I have included it on the bottom of the page. Change the information to fit your needs. Make it personal. You need to write  and say why it is so important for you, as a KODA,  to go. You need to do it now to give supporters time to have their meetings,  and time to get funds. Be sure to follow up with a thank you note! It also doesn’t hurt to follow up to see if they have received your letter if you have not heard from them within reasonable amount of time. They will appreciate the gesture and they will also know you are a very motivated camper.


(Date your letter)

Dear Madam, or Sir, 

I am writing this letter because I believe your organization does good things for many children.   I am xx years old and my (brother/sister) is xx years old.  We are requesting monetary donation to help our parents to send us to a camp called KODA Camp this summer.  KODA stands for Kids with Deaf Adults. The camp will be at the MacKenzie Center in Poynette, Wisconsin. It is the only one of the handful camps in the United States that are especially designed for children of deaf parent(s).

Here is the Midwest KODA camp information:  www.kodacamp.wordpress.com

We really would like to attend this camp. It cost $ 900 per camper to go for two weeks and $850 for each sibling to go.  We want to learn how to feel comfortable  about having deaf parent(s) as well as to share experiences with other children of deaf parents similar to us.  The fee for this camp is very reasonable compared to other youth camps.  The camp is uniquely designed to work with children to address their needs.  Many of my friends, as campers, have gained such a  positive outcome from attending KODA camp.  I would love to achieve the same outcome.

We appreciate any monetary donations you can give to us.  I would like to share our experiences to your members and show you why it is very important to support this camp.  Also if there are any fundraising events that your organization will host, I would like to assist with it.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Here is our home address (xxxxxxxxx) and  my phone number is (xxxxxxx).  I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your consideration, 

( Both kids sign) 

Good luck! Be sure to write letters, and ask for donations now! If you have any questions please contact Karen Dishno.


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