Staff Employment and Information

  Thank you for your interest in becoming a KODA Midwest Camp Counselor, or a CIT for the 2018 summer as well as to be a support staff.

The application form is currently available for you to fill out.  Application

Staff Requirements:


You must be able to work from June 18th to July 28th. (A few people will work during the last week).  You MUST work 5 weeks not 3 weeks.

• Over 18 years of age  ( Except those who are applying for the Counselor In Training job.)
• Good character and leadership qualities.
• Respected and in good standing in the community.
• Familiar with deaf/hard of hearing culture.
• Prior experience working with youth.
• Willing to live and work within a community of caring individuals.
• NO Misdemeanors or felony convictions involving children or adults.
• Must be able to provide your own transportation to and from camp.
• CPR and First Aid certification is a necessity.
Have a parent who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Staff will:

• Work with children outdoors and indoors
• Relate to one’s peer group
• Accept guidance and supervision
• Teach and assist in activities
• Maintain the confidentiality of all campers/staffs
• Have good character, integrity, and adaptability
• Have enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control
• Learn the likes/dislikes of each camper
• Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving in the group
• Develop opportunities for interaction among campers and staff
• Provide opportunities so that each camper has a successful experience at camp
• Help each camper have a fun & safe experience while at camp
• Supervise all assigned aspects of the campers’ day
• Help with clean-up, meal times, rest hour, day and evening activities, getting ready for bed, and after-hour duty as assigned
• Instruct campers in emergency procedures such as tornado/storm drills
• Make suggestions for the following season
• Perform other duties as assigned

***KODA Camp Experience Preferred***

Counselor in Training (CIT):

  • Will perform duties outlined above under supervision of the counselors as well as other staffs.

Applicant  Thanks!

Deadline: January 31st, 2018


One thought on “Staff Employment and Information

  1. Great event and an encouragement to us as we discover the lovely CODA/KODA family all over the world.



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